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By Victoria Lozano, JD Candidate

This recap is cross-posted from the CK-Now blog. The following discussion reflects the panelists’ positions.

On October 16, Chicago-Kent’s ACLU student chapter and the Immigration Law Society partnered to bring together Professor Carolyn Shapiro and Ed Yohnka, the director of communications for the ACLU of Illinois, to discuss misinformation surrounding immigration at our border and the use of family separation as a scare tactic to inhibit immigrants and asylum seekers from entering our country.

Over 40 students and faculty attended the event to hear how the ACLU is challenging the Trump administration and to gather more insight into how the administration plans to handle future immigration issues.

Event Recap

This recap is cross-posted from the CK Now blog

Gabriel "Jack" ChinOn October 10, we invited Professor Jack Chin of UC Davis School of Law to share research from his book Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965: Legislating a New America.

Looking over the history of immigration, he contrasted narratives of white nationalism with civil rights reforms that reduced racial discrimination in American citizenship.

Professor Chin has been actively engaged with immigration and racial discrimination on many levels. His previous scholarship has been cited by the Supreme Court and he’s been working with students to repeal old Jim Crow laws in states that continue to justify discrimination.

He noted the urgency of addressing white nationalism and immigration in our current political context. He described the Trump administration as “one of the most anti-immigrant,” as exemplified by quotes from speeches during the 2016 presidential campaign, family separation policies that aimed to discourage refugees, and other policy changes directed against legal immigrants.

Event Recap

This recap is cross-posted from the CK Now blog

On February 8, 2017 ILS and the SBA Diversity Committee sponsored an event reviewing recent executive orders related to immigration law, the BRIDGE ACT and volunteer opportunities.

The speakers were Chicago-Kent alumni with experience in immigration law for corporate cases, family law, and volunteer advocacy.

ILS President Lupita Jimenez moderated the panel of speakers, providing context for several of the recent immigration issues and asking questions of the panelists:

Event Recap