Thank you to the ~130 Chicago-Kent students who tried out this week for the Moot Court Honor Society. The quality of brief-writing and oral advocacy was high; the choices were difficult. We’re thrilled to invite these 31 students to join us in 2017-18:

Invited to Join the Moot Court Honor Society


Jack Amaro

Taylor Brewer

Nicole Chimienti

Brian Crush

Emily Edwards

Daniel Flores

Meaghan Fontein

Giana Gizzi

Maggie Kamm

Tracey Klees

Joshua Locke

Keisha McClellan

Stacey Meyers

Mahira Musani

Javier Ortega Alvarez

Pauline Panayi

Yuliya Patlata

Alida Pecanin

Colin Pochie

Rebecca Quade

Alex Romano

Samantha Ruben

Betul Serbest

Carl Sessions

Tamara Sonenshein

Stephen Spector

Rebecca Spira

Alexi Spiratos

Katherine Stryker

Blake Thompson

Jin To