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2021 Tryouts

2017 Tryout Results

Thank you to the ~130 Chicago-Kent students who tried out this week for the Moot Court Honor Society. The quality of brief-writing and oral advocacy was high; the choices were difficult. We’re thrilled to invite these 31 students to join us in 2017-18:

Invited to Join the Moot Court Honor Society


Jack Amaro

Taylor Brewer

Nicole Chimienti

Brian Crush

Emily Edwards

Daniel Flores

Meaghan Fontein

Giana Gizzi

Maggie Kamm

Tracey Klees

Joshua Locke

Keisha McClellan

Stacey Meyers

Mahira Musani

Javier Ortega Alvarez

Pauline Panayi

Yuliya Patlata

Alida Pecanin

Colin Pochie

Rebecca Quade

Alex Romano

Samantha Ruben

Betul Serbest

Carl Sessions

Tamara Sonenshein

Stephen Spector

Rebecca Spira

Alexi Spiratos

Katherine Stryker

Blake Thompson

Jin To

Flowers and Ford at ABA NAAC 2017 Competition

ABA NAAC regional champion winners!

Congratulations to Stephanie Flowers ’18 and Quinn Ford ’18, who won a regional championship at the 2017 ABA National Appellate Advocacy Competition regional tournament, held March 2 to 4 in Boston!

Stephanie and Quinn will compete in the national tournament April 6 to 8 in Chicago.

Twitter coverage:

Fall 2014 Teams

The John Marshall Law School International Moot Court Competition in
Information Technology & Privacy Law

Chicago, Illinois
October 23-25, 2014

Amay Awad, Kelly O’Neill & Arlo Walsman

National Health Law Moot Court Competition
Carbondale, Illinois
November 7-8, 2014

Emily Herbick & Abe Wehbi

Appellate Lawyers Association Moot Court Competition
Chicago, Illinois
November 7-8, 2014

John Chambers, Vincenzo Chimera & David Repking
Melody Gaal, Paulina Lopez & Hannah Tuber

National Moot Court Competition
Region VIII Tournament
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
November 8-9, 2014

Iman Boundaoui & John Jefferson
Teri McClerklin, Jake Radecki & Eric Shinabarger

National Veterans Law Moot Court Competition
Washington D.C.
November 15-16

Michael Albert & Ryan Hanneken
Lyal Fox III & Jared Reynolds

Andrews Kurth Moot Court National Championship
Houston, Texas
January 2015

Matt Jarka & Jerry Urbik

Spring 2010 Award & Competition Results

ABA National Appellate Advocacy Competition

Regional Finalists
Rebecca Graham
Will Thayer
Ben Thomassen

Regional Semifinalists
Elizabeth Meyer
Stephen Monroe
Stephanie Thommes

Evan A. Evans Constitutional Law Moot Court Competition

Mariana Karampelas
Keith Southam

Ruby Vale Corporate Law Competition

Crystal Correa
Elizabeth Kim
Emily Widmer
Thurgood Marshall Memorial Constitutional Law Moot Court Competition

Third Place
Mark Mazzone
Eugene Novikov
William E. McGee National Civil Rights Moot Court Competition

Tracy Brdar
Mark Munninghoff
Grant Shackelford

Alexis Crawford
Shannon Smith
Aaron Tucker

John J. Gibbons National Criminal Procedure Competition

Daniel Basler
Matthew Douglas
J.R. Knight

National First Amendment Competition

Gregg Barbakoff
Megan Pekala

National Moot Court Competition in Child Welfare & Adoption Law

Jessica Bolack
Nicholas Cordell
Stephen Scovil

Robert F. Wagner National Labor & Employment Law Moot Court Competition

Cecily Albertelli
Courtney Bollman
Diana Rdzanek

Fall 2009 Awards & Competition Results

National Moot Court Competition

Regional Finalists & National Octofinalists

  • Erin Duncomb
  • Amanda Hillmann
  • Allison Sues
  • Amanda Clennon
  • Jennifer Maples
  • Julia Riedel (Best Oral Advocate, Regional)

Chicago Bar Association Moot Court Competition


  • Karlyn Ruth Meyer (Third Best Oral Advocate)
  • Joseph Panza
  • Richard Shulman


  • Michael Elliott
  • Amanda Schackart

Moot Court National Championship


  • Best Brief
  • Laura Elkayam
  • Chloe Long
  • Vincent Smolczynski

John Marshall Law School International Moot Court Competition in Information Technology & Privacy Law

  • Michelle Myers
  • Erica Oh

Midwest Moot Court Competition

Competition Champions
Best Brief

  • Jocelyn Floyd (Best Oral Advocate)
  • Maris Mapolski (Third Best Oral Advocate)
  • Tamara Tarazi
  • Marni Zaideman

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