2014-2015 Bar & Gavel Society and SBA Awards Ceremony

Bar & Gavel Awards 2014-2015

Bar & Gavel Inductees 2014-2015

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Awards Ceremony on Monday night and congratulations to all of the night’s honorees!

State of the Law School Address 2015

The event began with Dean Krent’s “State of the Law School 2015” report

The Bar & Gavel Society is composed of graduating students who have distinguished themselves through their outstanding service to the law school, the community, and the legal profession. The following individuals have been named Chicago-Kent’s 2015 Bar & Gavel Society Inductees:

Induction into the Bar & Gavel Society

Lindsay Hicks, Bar & Gavel Society Committee Head and SBA president-elect presented gavels to all of the new Bar & Gavel Society inductees while Dean Sowle read the nominations. Select any of the nominees below to see the nomination text here.

Casey Brown, 2014-2015 SBA President, announced the SBA Awards next. Select any of the nominees below to see the nomination text here.

SBA Award Winners

Special thanks to The Bar & Gavel Society Committee

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