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3D Printing Body Parts

3D Printing of Human Body Parts

By Sadie Grunewald Bioprinting, a subcategory of third-dimensional (3D) printing, will likely emerge within the next decade making artificial human organs and tissues publically available. Bioprinters are currently available but are still in the development phase. Already in 2017, there has been success in 3D printing of functional blood vessel …

Virtual Patent Marking

Virtual Patent Marking 101

Dan Gjorgiev | October 12, 2016, updated April 26, 2017 A patentee can recover damages for patent infringement once an infringer infringes …

“IP Trolls in a Pirates’ World”

By: Nathan Hakimi Magical Mystery Trolls             As everyone knows, trolls are elusive, greedy creatures. They lurk under bridges and in caves, …