Book Review

A book review is a scholarly evaluation of a current publication covering a topic related to intellectual property law. Book reviews are published on this website. Students may opt to write a book review in either the Fall or Spring semester. Please note that students may write a book review in one semester and blog posts in the other if they would like.


A student writing a book review must:

  • commit to writing throughout a single semester;
  • write a book review that is at least 10 pages long and contains fully formatted endnotes;
  • double-space and use 12-point font throughout the student note;
  • spend at least 40 hours throughout the semester working on the book review and maintain a timesheet documenting the same;
  • meet with a Lexis representative to perform a preemption check;
  • meet all deadlines outlined by the Editorial Board; and
  • meet with their Academic Advisor approximately 1-2 times per semester.