If you would like to apply to join the Journal of Intellectual Property, email the journal email,, with a Current Resume and Statement of Interest. If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Reasons to Join

The Journal of Intellectual Property begins accepting applications for new members near the end of each school year. There are many reasons why you should join the Journal of Intellectual Property. We listed a few below:

  • Explore new and developing topics in Intellectual Property law
  • Connect with other IP law students at IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law
  • Learn citations according to The Bluebook®, the dominant citation manual in the United States
  • Boost your resume
  • Commit to a workload that is not overly burdensome or time-consuming
  • (Optional) Earn class credit


To apply to join the Journal of Intellectual Property, the following is required:

  • An interest in Intellectual Property Law
    • Patents
    • Copyrights
    • Trademarks
    • Trade Secrets
  • Completion of Legal Writing II
  • The discipline to meet deadlines
  • Strong English grammar skills
  • A one-year commitment
  • If applying for an executive board position, at least one semester of experience editing for a legal journal

The following is NOT required of Associate Editors prior to applying:

  • Experience with The Bluebook® (but highly preferred)
  • Eligibility to take the patent bar exam
  • Knowledge of the patent prosecution process