Student Note

A student note is a scholarly analysis of an original topic within the realm of intellectual property law. A student note may be submitted for publication in any journal, including the Chicago-Kent Journal of Intellectual Property. Students who opt to write the student note will earn 2 credits for the entire academic year (1 credit per semester). Please note that this option is only available if started in the Fall semester such that the student works on the note throughout a single academic year.


A student writing a student note must:

  • commit to writing throughout the full academic year;
  • write a note that is at least 20 pages long and contains at least 80 fully formatted endnotes;
  • double-space and use 12-point font throughout the student note;
  • spend at least 40 hours per semester working on the student note and maintain a timesheet documenting the same;
  • meet with a Lexis representative to perform a preemption check;
  • meet all deadlines outlined by the Editorial Board; and
  • meet with their Academic Advisor approximately 1-2 times per semester.