The Journal of Environmental and Energy Law provides a great opportunity for Chicago-Kent students to gain experience in legal editing, whether or not they intend to focus on or have a previous background in environmental law or policy. The Journal encourages students to become exceptional editors, writers, and scholars while serving an integral role in Chicago-Kent’s nationally recognized environmental law program. There are two opportunities open to incoming members and both positions provide the potential for students to run for an executive board position after one year of membership and to write and submit a student note for publication.

Associate Editors

Each year, the Journal welcomes a team of Associate Editors (AEs) who work with the Executive Articles Editor to edit articles for grammar and comprehension. The AEs are also tasked with ensuring articles are properly cited to the Bluebook and assertations are adequately supported. This provides 1Ls with a unique opportunity to become familiar with Bluebook-style citations in their first year. As an Associate Editor, students have the opportunity to review and discuss academic discourse in environmental law, learn to think critically about these topics, and strengthen their own legal and writing skills.

Associate Research Editors

Associate Research Editors (AREs) work with the Executive Research Editor to write, edit, and publish the JEEL Blog. AREs contribute to the blog through short articles analyzing a legal development, a Q&A with an environmental law professor or practitioners about a pressing legal controversy, or any other topic the Research Team wishes to consider. The JEEL Blog also accepts submissions from students, practitioners, scholars, and the general public, which are edited for comprehension and grammar by the AREs.

To apply for either position, please submit a resume, writing sample, and a personal statement explaining your interest in joining the Journal and the position you are applying for. Completed applications can be sent to Please note that we generally accept applications from all class levels, including 1L students.