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Journal Article & Blog Post Submissions

The Journal of Environmental and Energy Law accepts two forms of submissions for online publication, Journal Articles and Blog Posts. The Journal provides a forum for practitioners, professors, academics, and students to contribute to the scholarly discourse relating to energy and environmental law, policy, research, and development by publishing Articles examining a broad range of issues that impact these areas. The Guidelines for Journal Articles can be found here.

Journal Article Submissions may be sent to JEEL through ExpressO at Once you’ve registered, type “Chicago-Kent Journal of Environmental and Energy Law” into the Law Review search bar. ExpressO will provide additional directions for the submission process.

The JEEL Blog provides a platform for an open discussion on current energy and environmental topics by giving practitioners, professors, academics, students, and interested members of the public an opportunity to submit research papers, reviews, and editorials for publication. A variety of perspectives are encouraged for both forms of submission. The Guidelines for Blog Posts can be found here.  

Blog & Review Posts should be submitted by email at, in a Word or Google document.