2017 Symposium: Supreme Court Insight on Patent Law

On September 22, 2016, IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law proudly hosted the Supreme Court Intellectual Property Review (SCIPR). SCIPR is a yearly conference designed to provide intellectual property practitioners, jurists, legal academics, and law students with a review of IP cases from the U.S. Supreme Court’s previous Term, a preview of cases on the docket for the upcoming Term, and a discussion of cert. petitions to watch.

The Honorable Timothy B. Dyk of the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit delivered a speech at SCIPR, which was later published in the Chicago-Kent Journal of Intellectual Property. The Journal invited several prominent academics and professionals to write formal responses to Judge Dyk’s article for inclusion in this Symposium. The Symposium features four responses.


Thoughts on the Relationship Between the Supreme Court and the Federal Circuit

Timothy B. Dyk

How Can the Supreme Court Not “Understand” Patent Law?

Gregory Reilly

Is the Supreme Court Concerned with Patent Law, the Federal Circuit, or Both: A Response to Judge Timothy B. Dyk

Timothy R. Holbrook

Response to Judge Timothy B. Dyk

Donald R. Dunner

How Much Has the Supreme Court Changed Patent Law?

Paul R. Gugliuzza