Chicago-Kent’s official social media accounts are listed in our Social Media Directory. See recent posts in the footer here.

Student Organizations at Chicago-Kent use websites, Facebook pages or groups, Twitter, and Instagram accounts to publicize their activities online. Find individual accounts on those pages. If you have a student organization account you would like to include on those lists, please contact Emily Barney.

If your organization does not have your own social media accounts, but would like us to promote your events on the official Chicago-Kent social media accounts, please contact Emily Barney, our Digital Education & Internal Resources Librarian at to provide your flyers (image or pdf preferred, text separately is helpful).

Event photography is subject to availability, but the earlier you share the date the more possible it will be to schedule. You are always welcome to share photos you take at your organization events with our school marketing team too!

You can find our archive of event photography published in public albums on Flickr – if you see photos you would like to feature on your student org website or social media, contact Emily as above.